Mind Map That Goes With the Social Media 1st Strike Post Below

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Part 1:Social Media Strategies to get the Word Out

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Mind Map #1 & 2:    Mind map Part 1 

Mind Map Part 2   MINDMAP #2    (sorry people you will have to scroll way down this doc & go to about 600% graphics lady on vacation)

Plain Text        Mind Map #2  (This is Plaintext of the above)

SocMed plain text: Task List


This is the initial blast mind map that goes with the Post.  This is only the initial blast portion and we will continue to build onto this as we move over different aspects of social media as a marketing tool and then to other methods of marketing your blog over the next several weeks.

The map starts out with a single post.  In the upper portion of the next level of the map we have already chunked out keyword rich pieces to be used for descriptions and title tags in some of the SEO aids like Yoast and Ultimate SEO.  These descriptions are also used for social media submissions and for your post template at the bottom of your posts.

Keyword tags should also be pulled and used in the WordPress Post template and for use when submitting to.

Pull information bearing or curiosity building quotes from your post to use on Twitter.

The initial is just to get your work out there so feel free to get is out in front of God and everyone.  20 or 30 different social media platforms.

We will show you what can be done to sustain initial interest in your post next week.



initial blast social media explained in a mind map
Social this and social that




 This is the mind map put out to support the 1st blast post below.  It will be added to over the period of several week to generate a more complete look  at the entire media marketing picture.  Jack is confused as to how to use social media marketing and just how many people use social media but here we show him how to harness the use and power of social media as marketing. Remember this is only the first of many segments on the marketing of your blog. I do think however, that this next couple of posts will make a believer out of you and Jack.

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  1. says:

    December 19, at 2:59 am

    Hey Lance
    This is the kind of organisation I need from my posts in order to propagate them afterwards. As we all know, writing the post is only part of the battle. Then comes all the SM submissions and twitter headline variations (if you use that technique).
    I really could use something like this, but in wordpress to send out my posts.
    BTW: you need an avatar for your comments. at the moment you are a head/mystery man ;>
    Ashley F recently posted…Twitter Advanced Search – Find those hidden gemsMy Profile

  2. says:

    December 19, at 11:38 am

    Hi Reginald. Thanks for the kind words. I love the mind map because I am a little ADD and it helps. I am in the middle of a “marketing strategy” segment There will be more of this soon. I have 2 more posts that will cover SM and then moving to all phases of marketing a blog or podcast. I want to break it down to the 1st step the 2nd step….

    Again thanks for the comment my friend


  3. says:

    December 19, at 11:42 am

    Hey Ash thank for dropping by,

    I got to thinking about strategies and realized not to many teach it down to the nitty gritty so someone new could follow it and get some decent results. All of the content and SEO is for not if nobody sees it.

    Again thanks for stopping by,


  4. says:

    December 31, at 9:18 am

    Thanks m y friend for taking a look. I have a more complete m.m. coming in a couple of days. That will show my whole social media workout.
    Hey I wanted to say I really think that you are going to the top this next year with your blog. Looks like you have the makings of a super star!


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