A Twitter Like Me Button Does not a Social Media Program Make

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A twitter like me button does not a social media program make. Many business people are surprised by that. What a twitter button does is it gives someone that is already at your site through not more than shear luck a chance to say the site is pretty good. Thank you Aunt Kathy for the support.

Creating Social Media Program
Creating Social Media Program


Some quick Q & A about creating a social media program.

Q.  What does creating a social media program do for your site?

A. (partial)  The creation of a social media program gets your site to the masses by taking your site to them.

A.   A social media program does wonderful things to your site’s rankings in the search engines.

A.  It gives a chance for someone already at your site to say its an OK site (think a vote of confidence (beside Aunt Kathy).

Q.  (partial)  What should you talk about on social media?

A.  Your Blog or your podcast is the fuel for creating a social media program

So what is social media and what and how can it work for you?

Just scratching the surface it is a collection of websites that people communicate with and it costs nothing to communicate with people that may need your product. That is very nice considering that advertising costs a fortune and it is a formatted message repeated again and again hoping that people will consider your company when the time comes to let us say buy a car. When the time comes you think Honda makes a great car because they have told you a zillion times that it is.

Creating a Social Media Program step by step

Social media allows a person who is currently looking to check around with real people that actually spend time in a Honda every day what they think of them. What they think of the dealer they bought it from. What they think of the financing they got. What they think of the actual car. You do not have to get just one opinion you can get many opinions and I suggest you do as you know what they say about pleasing everyone. It is another tool for the consumer to use in their quest for a new car. This is a tool you as a business owner can not afford to pass on.

So how does this work. Do you just start shooting out Tweets? You can but what do you tweet without sounding like Madison Avenue’s little brother in Rockwall.

Why you should be Creating Social Media Program 

Start a blog for your site with the goal of educating the comnsumer actually helping them (not you) . You should be the expert in 300 words or more with lots of 8×10 glossy pictures with circles and arrows showing what your product is about.

There are some basic rules to start with however (just to get you going). There will be more later.

#1 Be the expert but use laymens terms. I purchased a home with a swimming pool a few years back and knew absolutely nothing about a pool. I was terrified I was going to ruin this big blue cement pond in the back before I learned enough about it. I didn’t of course. Most of the material I found was so technical I became overwhelmed but it did not have to be. I have a brother in law that is a distributor for a pool companyn that came over and did the step by step thing for me.  Analogies are a good thing.

#2 Have fun with it. Do not get bogged down with the what should I write abouts. How about answering the most often asked questions. Or providing a consumer level glossary for a start. This way you can have an educated conversation with people when they come see you. You can also (if you are really smart defang that objections beast before they even get there.

2 basic rules for now, I think is enough.

You will use the material you have written as your ticket on that social media train.

In my next post we will show you how to do that.

Creating Social Media Program
Creating Social Media Program