13 Things You Can do in 13 Minutes to Drive Traffic to Your Site.

Drive Traffic Site

Here are some very quick and very actionable items you can perform to your site to help in your quest for traffic to drive traffic to your site.

1. Ensure your website is listed on your e-mail signature.

Drive Traffic Site
Drive Traffic Site

Why this works- It introduces your site to everyone you send e-mail to and to whomever they forward your e-mail to.

2. Send out fill in the blank tweets. Example: My next post should be about__________. Or probably even better an either or question. Example: Should I write about traffic driving or the mechanics of link building in my next post? Yes, I know they both would drive traffic. On (in this case is just more specific).

3. Do internal linking on your site from relevant words in one post to another post that may cover the same subject matter from a different angle. You can even link to podcasts or YouTube videos you have done.

Why this works- You do not need to go any further than Wiki which happens to come up number 1 in the SERPs to see that it works. This is another theory of Lance as to why but it shows the subject matter at hand has been addressed more than once and in various forms. It is more completely covered than any one article could cover it.

4. Write one detailed meta DESCRIPTION per post, per day. Use keywords in the description. Do not just list keywords. Sentence form using good grammar, spelling and punctuation and accurately describe the content.

Why this works- Matt says so! RECENTLY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBTBEfd7z_Y .

5. Work for 20 minutes a day on high level backlinks. Spend 20 minutes the first 3 days reading these articles.

Why this works- answer is in the articles.

6. Write an article (over several days) (This one takes longer.) A thoroughly tested and well documented article debunking some SEO myth. Be careful here! Many people make a living perpetuating some of this.

7. Set up filters in your email. OK this is kind of the long way around but stay with me. If you get rid of all of the garbage that start out by saying “Make $6000 a day starting today!”. All of the time you would have spent manually sorting through those could be actually spent performing one of the other tasks on this site. See? One other piece to this… Unless you are waiting for something life changing in your e-mail, do not open your e-mail until noon. Just see how much further you get that day.

8. Personally answer e-mails concerning your site (afternoon). This hopefully will become impossible after awhile just because of the shear magnitude of mail you will receive, but a personal e-mail to someone that has mad a comment on your site goes a long way in gaining a true fan!

9. Write a list on a popular subject in your field that has not been covered before.Drive Traffic Site

Why this works- You can keyword this to death because you start a new subject with every sentence and search engines tend to like them as they give very direct information in a rapid fire sort of way. People also like lists. I tend to like lists of actionable information with less than 20 items per list. (just try getting through a list of 100 actionable items) Whew!

10. Find a home on Pinterest (if it is a photo or infograph), Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon, Facebook and other social media that fits well with your material.

Why this works- Pure unadulterated exposure!  Drive Traffic to Your Site

11. Work on putting together a listing of across the site keywords by subject matter. In my case I have in my strategy several keywords that I can use in any article about building links (just 5 or 6 I want to rank for) and then find more specific keywords more closely related to the actual specific article are used as well.

Drive Traffic Site

Why this works-? Don’t know just seems to…Sorry some things are just like that.

12. Find a forum in your area of expertise and write one or two posts a day. Help someone out with their problems. To find a forum type in if you sell electronic squirrels “site: electronic squirrels forum”  or for gardening “site: gardening forum” These take advantage of Google operators which is a more robust and accurate way of searching.

13. Add a graphic to each article. On each graphic have a true description of that graphic (see meta descriptions above) and fill in an “alternative text” for each. See the link for a better description.

These are individually very quick items to perform and will reap you big benefits.

Go get em,


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