Didn’t See This Comin Its A Freekin BONUS!!

Didn’t See This Comin Its A Freekin BONUS!!

This is a very incredible world and I have a freekin bonus for you.  You now have  a wide variety of skills learned and might I say very marketable skills as well. While you are putting yourself through this and hanging on to the position selling ladies shoes that you don’t particularly care for you can start looking around for a position using the skills you are learning here. Let us look at some of these skills.

Keyword research- Research skills, analytical skills

Niche selection – analysis of both the business potential and self-reflection as to what you want

Market analysis-again analytic skills, determining feasibility of a business venture

Host selection-analysis and needs assessment

Domain name selection- keyword analysis and practical application

Keyword strategy- development of tactical and strategic planning

Linking strategy-development of strategic and tactical plans

Marketing-analysis and practical application of strategic marketing plans

Website development-design skills

Podcasting-speaking skills, digital recording and mixing and video recording and editing skills

Blogging-writing skills

Video-video editing skills and photo editing skills

SEO-analytics, blogging writing, development of strategies, report analysis and interpretation

How long do you think it would be before you could walk into the position below? By the way this is a real position in Dallas, TX starting at about 60k.


Key Responsibilities

– Strategy
– Using industry best practices, develop search opportunities and visibility strategies for clients. This research is based on in-depth client interviews, strategic data analysis and critical project plans focusing on timely execution
– Create and confirm site architecture and site map for client’s websites working closely with Project Managers, Content and Development
– Create and lead the content optimization strategy for clients including specific content recommendations, blogging objectives article creation and syndication, as well as video and press release optimization
– Partner with Sr. Strategists and cross-functional teams to drive future direction of SEO and product offerings

– Consulting Skills (Must have strong communication skills) A freekin Bonus!
– Work closely with clients to understand their marketing objectives and strategies, analyze the performance of their web program against those objectives and recommend tactics that will help realize the customers’ long-term SEM goals
– Partner with internal and external clients to ensure the website development process results in optimal search configuration and results
– Provide ongoing client and (can’t show the name) team member SEO support and expertise through timely consultations and team collaboration

– Fulfillment & Analysis
– Guide SEO fulfillment project tasks to timely and successful completion
– Constantly analyze client site performance through internal and external systems to create and deliver strategic solutions
– Communicate SEO data analysis with clients focusing on tactics implemented, performance to goal ratios, short and long-term solutions, and creative strategies involving both proven and emerging technologies





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