Improve Your Site & Traffic With These 12

Improve Your Site & Traffic With These 12 (Personally Proven) Actionable Items

The first social media



I Did Them All Last Year: So Catch Up!


Changed podcast hosts I went from a (at least to me) very complicated host to Buzz Sprout at I quit having seizures after the move. It really was like night and day.


To be fair (kind of) the “Berry one” is loved by most of their users. All but me maybe. No Buzz Sprout is not an affiliate of mine I just love them.IMG_5593



Changed website hosts I have used most of the what I would call cut-rate sites and they all have their place. Host gator you can pay monthly and is inexpensive. Go Daddy is also inexpensive it is an annual pay and you must negotiate a gauntlet of up sale every time you sign in. I do still use it for some sites I own but not for my main blog. I do have an account with Ipage. I do not remember why. Fully 15% of the time their e-mail does not work on my account and it is very slow.


I changed to WPEngine. These guys are an affiliate of mine but they are an affiliate because I like them. 50 mg upload of photos and other graphics, automatic daily backup of your site (used at least twice) with a 5 minute fix! They are lightning fast and in this business that means everything.


WPEngine is a bit more expensive (about $29/mo) you can pay by the month and if you go for a year you get a month or two free. Remember this the next time your site gets hacked or dumped you will either be glad you did or really really not be happy.



Changed color scheme to blue and white – You can check out some of the psychology behind this at this site . I really think it makes some sense but being a non-design guy and I mean I do not have an eye for anything having to do with design (this is one of my major uses for if you want the psychology. No psychology, rhyme, reason or mystery behind it for me though I just like blue.



Added a Promote your page page – I added a page to my site that allows readers to without shame advertise their own sites or podcasts. So that others could tell everyone what they are doing at their sites and leave a little something that will result in a link back to their sites. Oh and by the way it is CommentLuv enabled. So let us know what you are doing.



Started my social media efforts- Before this year I tinkered with Twitter, played with Pinterest and fumbled with Facebook. I do automate some of my Twitter but try to get my hands dirty at least on a daily basis with Twitter.



This has definitely led to more traffic and getting introduced to other bloggers and just some really nice people. Facebook I am still playing with but I am starting to believe that it is just not what I want to play with. Pinterest I have some fun with and am starting to use it to share others work like info graphics and such.


how to backlink

Learned and applied linking strategiesThis was a biggie. I purchased Jon Cooper’s course that he has on his site and this has helped me to figure it out, which is the first step. His course provides everything that you would need to learn and develop a robust link building strategy.


Now this is just my way of doing things but I like white hats. Jon lists a few things that are a little not so white but he tells you when he is doing it. Some people do a mix. There is a blogger that lives close to me here in Dallas has a PR2 website so I did a little snooping and he had several links and well that my “spy” software listed as government links.


Naturally I wanted to see how he got theses so I looked them up and they were in the same realm as this one: . It is a .gov with a .cn at the end. I am not too sure what they do here at this site as my Chinese Mandarin is a little rusty but I do not think is was SEO services.


Stick with Jon and away from China and you will become a linking fool.



Changed general focus and left and still update a beginner level area- I have changed the focus on the site. The older items are still there and I am updating them frequently because there are always new people coming into the field. Let me state that I have found my “Red Dot”.Scientific_instrument_Microscope_Binocular_Gary_London_Brass_Wood_Box_c1880


See the video below.




This is just off of the red square though. I had been working with the new people in the field and had found that many intermediate people did not deal with strategies very well.


This is where I went and it was my need that drove it. I couldn’t find much beyond talk about your marketing strategy and your social media strategies as words not a step by step method for putting one together.


I have done much research in this area and I am initially spilling the beans on how I build and educate my strategies first. I will share more as time goes on about others strategies.


Keep in mind no one strategy is right, for you, your business, at this stage of development. A strategy is just a plan (as detailed as YOU need it to be) to get you to your goals. If you do not build your strategies your goal is much less likely to succeed.


Just by thinking about how you are going to get to your goal and writing it down , your goals are many, many times more likely to happen.


Oh and by the way any smart strategy is a live document and can and should change either slightly or in full if it becomes evident that there is a piece of it that would be better off by the change.




I played with plug-ins! I watched something where Matt Cutts said to someone in an audience that you didn’t need plug-ins to make this blogging thing work for you. Now, if being Matt Cutts is not a plug in itself I do not know what is.


Others of us that were not born with a silver search engine in their mouths must rely on the ones that WordPress or others offer whether they are premium or not. I use probably more than a few and I will list these and tell you why I use them. I do play with them quite often and depending on whether they actually help accomplish something, then, I decide to keep or remove them.

images (12) That really was not fair Mat earned his silver spoon.

Keep in mind that plug-ins do slow a site down. So be selective but experiment and let me know what you found to be true.



I am using:

Anti-spam by CleanTalk To get rid of spam and Akismet about $10. saved
Buzzsprout Podcasting My podcast host interface (I love these guys)

BWP Google XML Sitemaps
A more lightweight Google XML Sitemap WordPress plugin that generates a Sitemap index rather than a single sitemap. It is compatible with my blog host
Captcha Plugin asks the visitor to answer a math question. Part 2 of my spam beating system!
CommentLuv Readers reward (free version) I like this
Digg Digg Great floating share bar
E-MAILiT Social Media Sharing Widget This is my major weapon for my initial blast (if you do not know what I am talking about go here
Google+ Plugin Integrate with Google+ Pages and add the Google +1

Jetpack by
Reasons vary and change with time (many extras)
SEO Ultimate This all-in-one SEO plugin gives you control over title tags, noindex/nofollow, meta tags, rich snippets My choice over Yoats and others
sxss Mobile Enable mobile themes for mobile devices (ya better get one!)
WYSIWYG Widgets Lets me create widgets easily



Tried a couple of new logos and looks and themes – Yup, I played and toyed and even had a little fun along the way. Worked on a better look. Most depended on some real designers though. The biggest thing I wanted to do was to make it easy to get around on the site. Hope I got there.



Took a couple of graphics classes and now use more graphics picked up the old test equipment theme –This was just for me to be able to use some of the graphics software and started doing much more in terms of one of a kind graphics on the site. Again, just because I like old test equipment (its kind of manly) I selected this recurring theme. Really what photos really go with an internet marketing site? When I find them I use charts and some open source items too.


images (26)

Started making blog post comments- I got social and guess what it has turned out to be fun. It forces me to seek and read other blogger’s points of view, get to know them a bit and it helps with the link situation.



Added a couple of featured articles and traffic and social media tip- I added a couple of almost daily features and a weekly mash-up of internet marketing news. I say almost daily because they are. I don’t get to them every day. I will do better.


Little of this is mine. I use it to showcase others work. I still share it on Twitter and others but information that is good, by others that will, or may help my readers I share here. One traffic tip a day (most of the time) and one social media tip too.


I know Google loves 101 item listings of these but really folks how many of the 101 do you ever get enough to make it work for you?


I figure one a day is easy to digest and apply.


That is not everything I did last year bu it is some of the major things I accomplished.


I hope in 2014 I can out do last year. Let me know will you?





This is written as a partial listing of the somewhat major changes I made to my blog and podcast that made a difference in quality of the blog itself and the user experience . The user experience I believe is everything.

I did not put this together as a how to podcast or to blog but as a ratcheting up the ante a bit and to provide some actions that made the most difference in serving you.

There are some affiliates of mine mentioned and I would appreciate using my links on this page if you are thinking of purchasing. Many products listed are not affiliates but just great products that I use and recommend.


Products mentioned:


Jon Cooper’s course about link building (Simply the best)

WPEngine Blog Hosting at its very best Podcast hosting to ease your mind They can help you get it done.

Many useful plugins – see the table above

People mentioned


Trent Dryrsmid

Jon Cooper-

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  1. Comment by Jon Cooper:
    Hi Lance! Thanks a ton for the mention, I really appreciate it.

    But yeah, if you ever see some foreign extension, and you see keyword rich anchor text, it doesn’t take much more snooping to realize the link probably wasn’t a genuine endorsement :).

  2. Comment by Lance Carlson:
    Hey thanks Jon for dropping by. Yup I was disappointed by the Chinese bit. Most people know this guy too.
    Maybe when we are sitting in the old folks home having a beer I will tell you who he is but he will have to be gone by then.

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