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Just what is happening here?

So just what is exactly going on here? A guy that owns a search engine optimization studio is writing a blog that tells everyone how to get their site to the top of Google searches. Is he nuts? Well maybe but it has nothing to do with this.

You see I do own a local SEO group out of Dallas. I deal with swimming pool companies and guys like roofers and other home fixers and home redo guys to put them on the first page of of the searches where 91% of business is transacted on the internet. I also do some things with affiliate marketing selling wine baskets gifts floral stuff electronics. Go ahead look me up search “wine baskets in garland TX” there is is right at the top and also throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area.

You see there are many people that run businesses in this country that at this point can’t afford SEO help but can’t really be without it. Just ask anyone how many calls they get when their sites are on page #3. Trust me when you are there all you hear is crickets. So I am out here trying to help them. Maybe they can pick up a few tips that can push them into the purchase zone, right!

Then when they do call somebody for services it may just be me.

Really though this was very painful to learn for me as I couldn’t afford the high dollar courses courses in which they sometimes shared enough to help you out but I pulled information from the bloggers that were sharing their best kept secrets or at least very small portions of some of their secrets that used to work.  I then took the info and pracised it and tested it and made it work or not.  What you get is the whole stroy top tpo bottome of what works.

The things I will share are the things that worked for me …as you can see I have already proven to you by example that I can rank a website and I will give you to other examples as we go along.

The truth behind this thing “SEO” It is all theory some has been tested enough to be pretty sure of it but what is known can all change by tomorrow at Google’s will.

My take on Google is this: They own the stadium that we play in or at least they own the gates we go through to get to the playing field. They have the audience. Those are the people (you and I ) that trust Google to give them a good quality informational return for their deposit of keywords. This is all they are trying to do. To give the best answer based on way the client gives to Google.

Id you want the names of a couple of good swimming pool builders in Rockwall, TX. The keywords are kind of limited. “Pool builder Rockwall TX” will do and is probably the most often typed in but there are variables. Who gets the #1 position and who gets the #11 (2nd page) position. It makes a whole bunch of difference in who gets the calls to make a bid to put the pool in my back yard. Oh by the way the pretty pool site plays to the emotions of the person looking to build a pool not so much to the search engines. So it seems the search will get you to the listing of who they dug up but the rest is salesmanship on the site. The other side to that is certain aspects presented the right way can affect the search engines. It is that skillful presentation of website information to the search engines that give the site a chance to be seen.

This is what we will learn here.

Oh did I mention I liked to teach so this is somewhat a selfish venture too.

Note: A word about all of pictures that have to do with the Steam Punk style the industrial & scientific instruments and furniture and what it has to do with SEO. Absolutely nothing!  Some of is stuff I do and I just like it.

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